Wendy Wellness KC



Jills Hope

Jill’s Hope was founded by Jill Heckman and her family and friends. Jill was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative breast cancer in June 2014. Throughout her battle with cancer, she learned the power of a strong support system and positive mindset.

Jill’s Hope is a 5o1c3 organization. Our goal is to support others going through a cancer diagnosis of any type. This includes the fighter/survivor and their caregivers.

Pilates Co-Op KC

Pilates Co Op KC is a reformer studio in the northland.  Currently two instructors Wendy Basch and Joann David (both nurses) make up the co-op.   Between the two of us, we offer morning, evening and weekend classes.  


The Shift Experience
June 2018

For the first time ever 20 female wellness providers in the KC Metro area are joining to gather for a comprehensive wellness program. Being healthy and staying well for a lifetime takes more than being diligent in one area. It requires balance and harmony in all areas to create whole person health. Wellness empowerment through lifestyle behaviors means practicing balance and putting the odds in your favor through small changes that make big shifts in whole health outcomes.