Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness Is the only reformer studio north of the river in Kansas City. Wendy Basch RN, BSN started the studio to fill the gap in what is missing in health care today- supporting wellness habits. We do that by meeting people where they are.


Wendy shows you a band workout that's great for travel! 

Wendy Basch, owner of Rise and Shine Pilates and Wellness shows you some glute work you can do on the road or at home.
Today we cover some of the basic principles of Pilates and do an abdominal workout with Melanie. Wendy and Katie are along for the ride! Grab a mat if you have one (the floor is fine too) and get comfortable. This whole workout is done lying down!
Enjoy this oblique and rotation workout with Wendy, Shannon and Melanie. The obliques are the muscles that cover the sides of the abdominal area that help rotate the trunk. Be sure to take the quiz afterwards to learn some great music trivia. Have fun!