Why you won't catch me promising you a hot body


If I had started my business in my younger years, I have to believe that it would look very different than it does today.  When I was younger, it would have been all about helping people look good.  After all, that’s what most people want- they want to look good because THEN (and only then) they will be able to feel good.

But, after hours and hours of sitting with people, I learned more than I ever could of imagined.

From the woman who spent 6 years caring for her terminally ill child, I realized that we can learn how to live with uncertainty.  When we can’t control whether our child lives or dies, we need to count our blessings every day and be present in each possible moment.

From the man who’s wife left him to raise their 3 children alone,  I learned that we can allow ourselves to vulnerable and ask for help.  We don’t have to do it all or be it all for everyone- never letting our weakness or fear show.

From the woman who’s husband died suddenly when they were at the prime of their life,  I learned that we can find our value outside of our circumstances.  We are worthy of love no matter who is loving us at the time.

From the young girl who just wants to find the man of her dreams and settle down, I learned that loving yourself is the key to opening your heart to love and be loved by others.

And from the woman after a double mastectomy, facing the insecurity of her cancer, I learned that feeling whole is a journey to the inside- to yourself.  And you may not have the opportunity to take that journey if you are always living outside of yourself.

So although I know that promising pounds of weight loss and unleashing the best kept secrets of exercise are the things that can really sell for a business, I think I will stand my ground and stick to passing on the lessons that life has taught me.

Here are the things that I will promise:

A place where you are wholly loved and accepted

The opportunity to dig down and realize the strength that lies within you

The keys to working on the inside- to develop your (unshakable) strong core.

Increased energy to live your life fully and be present for those micro-moments of joy.

Besides, chances are that there is already someone in your life who thinks that you are so much more than a hot body.  Someone who thinks you are wonderful inside and out.  What I promise is to help give you the ability to start believing them!

Karen Hansen