Welcome to Rise and Shine

Kansas City Pilates Instructor

There is so much I want to share with you, I don’t know where to start.  I guess I should start by telling you what you can expect from me.  I’m launching my own business and blog- Rise and Shine Wellness.  I’ve been helping people for many years by providing health and wellness education, coaching and leading fitness classes.  Here’s what Rise and Shine is about:

1- Education-   There is an abundance of health and wellness information out there and its really difficult to separate the facts from the hype.  I’ve tried to learn all I can, but things are always changing.  So I am a student, studying up to learn all I can, and then translating it into information that the average person can understand and most importantly -apply.  I’ve written tons of wellness programs and materials for companies covering topics like nutrition, fitness, smoking cessation, back care, stress management, childhood obesity and more.  So I’ll keep providing this part in my blogs and in documents I make available to you on my website.

2- Wellness Coaching- Even though education is important, it isn’t all we need to make health changes.   How many of us don’t KNOW that we should eat healthy and exercise daily?  How many of us actually DO that regularly- even when we really want to?  There is a gap between knowing and doing.  This is where coaching comes in.   I’ll tell you a quick secret… when we try to make changes and we just can’t seem to do it, it’s usually because our subconscious mind is rowing our boat one direction in an effort to protect us, while our conscious mind is pointing in the direction we want to go.  It can feel incredibly frustrating and you may feel “stuck”.  There are two things you should know. 1- It’s totally normal- we ALL do this. 2- There are some really simple tools that can help you get “unstuck.”  This is where the amazing transformations happen and people take control of their lives.  So, I’ll do this part by providing one-on-one coaching sessions. I’ll also add group coaching sessions where people with similar goals will meet,  share their triumphs and challenges and hold each other accountable to the changes they plan to make.

3- Fitness- I started teaching fitness classes when I was 18 years old and I haven’t stopped.  This is where I can help people understand how their bodies work and how their minds and bodies are connected.  It’s the way to get out of your head and experience it.  There is so much about fitness that parallels with life in general.  Like learning to push through the tough stuff; finding out what strengths lie inside you; gaining confidence to take on challenges you never thought you could; defining what you want and going for it.  If I can help you do this in my studio, I can help you draw on the same “muscles” to do it out in the world!

So, this is what you can expect from Rise and Shine.  I’m ready to Shine- come join me!

Karen Hansen