Cooking is something Jamie loved for as long as she can remember. So many of her favorite memories are centered around cooking with friends and family.. Her love for cooking changed when she had a family. Before having children, she was overly conscious about her weight, but once her children came into the picture, fueling her body with healthy, organic foods became her top priority. Eating more organic, unprocessed foods improved her relationship with food and had a noticeable impact on her health and appearance. 

Jamie turned her love for natural food and cooking into a career. As a professional cook and caterer, she worked with clients of all ages who suffered from food sensitivities and/or had been prescribed a special diet. She created nutrient-dense meals that were customized for their needs. She also worked in corporate wellness and designed curriculum and training classes on healthy eating and cooking at dozens of Kansas City businesses. Now Jamie focuses on teaching classes on how to cook using quality organic ingredients that are locally-sourced. 

Jamie is a local food advocate and serves on various boards around Kansas City for organizations that support the local food system. She also enjoys working in her edible gardens at home, watching baseball with her boys and practicing Pilates.